"Film Flaps, (Original), are very soft, yet supportive. Patient comfort is outstanding. Thank you! "
Steven Yee DDS
Flemington, NJ / 04-28-2014
"I work in a pediatric dental office and the Film Flaps, (Original), are great for kids. Many of my patients say they are much more comfortable."
Pam Melollon RDH
Waukesha, WI / 04-28-2014
"These Sensor Flaps save time and are very easy to use "
Monica Foley DDS
Bellingham, WA / 04-28-2014
"Our patients are very happy we are switching over from the cardboard stick-on-tabs. Film Flaps, (Original), are much more comfortable!"
Stacey Nichols RDA
Newman, CA / 04-28-2014
"Flaps are very easy, simple, and fast to use. Plus, patients don't gag like they do with other devices."
Tamara Simac RDA
San Pedro, CA / 04-28-2014
"I like Sensor Flaps, (Long), so much that I ordered and paid for these personally. Thanks for a great product! "
Jana Fisher RDH
Witcha Falls, TX / 8-4-2014

"I really wish I had thought of this great product."

Michael Call DDS
Saginaw, MI / 9-4-2015