"Simple, accurate, easy and efficient method to check and adjust interproximal contacts prior to seating an indirect restoration."

Jeff Bilotti
Jacksonville, FL / 11/20/2018

"Very simple and elegant product to locate tight contact areas. Not messyy like sprays and more accurate than using floss."

Philip Rader DDS
Hixson, TN / 11/20/2018

"Proxi-Chek is a nice handy tool to have when doing a large bridge to find a specifi occlusion error. Also nice when checking occlusion on partials."

Marie Albano DDS
Lakewood, OH / 11/20/2018

"Love your products. Appreciate you making new products and introducing them to the market."

Paul Babakhanof
Palmdale, CA / 7/17/2019

"Saves time when fitting prosthesis by simplifying adjustments."

Parag Kachalia DDS
San Ramon / 10/20/2018
"Bite-Chek is great for quick occlusal issue checking. Doesn't require forceps and thin film. I like that the tooth can be wet."
Carol Follette DDS
"Bite-Chek is a "why didn't I think of that?" product. It is a simple solution executed to perfection. Congrats!"
Dental Arts of Sunset
"Bite-Chek has good quality marking on all surfaces wet or dry."
Allan D Schulman DDS
"Bite-Chek is a wonderful new product. It has simplified articulation immensely!"
Robert S King DDS

"Love Bite-Chek. Love the built-in handle. Great Price!"

Ansley Deff DMD

"Great product. Really nice, marks well."

Winchester Dental
Winchester, MA / 9-4-2015

"Liked the product. Very convenient."

Michael C Seastrom DDS
Tarzana, CA / 9-4-2015

"Bite-Chek reaches posterior and anterior. Great for occlusal guards."

Shellie Reagan DDS
Spring, TX / 8-3-2016

"Bite-Chek is so simple-wish I had thought of it!"

Gary G. Lott DDS
Alva, OK / 8-3-2016
"Film Flaps, (Original), are very soft, yet supportive. Patient comfort is outstanding. Thank you! "
Steven Yee DDS
Flemington, NJ / 04-28-2014
"I work in a pediatric dental office and the Film Flaps, (Original), are great for kids. Many of my patients say they are much more comfortable."
Pam Melollon RDH
Waukesha, WI / 04-28-2014
"These Sensor Flaps save time and are very easy to use "
Monica Foley DDS
Bellingham, WA / 04-28-2014
"Our patients are very happy we are switching over from the cardboard stick-on-tabs. Film Flaps, (Original), are much more comfortable!"
Stacey Nichols RDA
Newman, CA / 04-28-2014
"Flaps are very easy, simple, and fast to use. Plus, patients don't gag like they do with other devices."
Tamara Simac RDA
San Pedro, CA / 04-28-2014
"I like Sensor Flaps, (Long), so much that I ordered and paid for these personally. Thanks for a great product! "
Jana Fisher RDH
Witcha Falls, TX / 8-4-2014

"I really wish I had thought of this great product."

Michael Call DDS
Saginaw, MI / 9-4-2015
"NeoDrys are fantastic and are a part of everyday dentistry in my practice!"
Mary Shields DMD MPH
"NeoDrys are an amazing product, patients love how comfortable they are and I love how well they work!"
Alyssa K. DA
"NeoDrys are an excellent for cheek protection from rotating bur."
Albert Sulzer
"NeoDrys softer edges do well for kids especially. I love them!"
Wm. Todd Walker DMD
Lincoln, IL / 04-28-2014
"I find the use of NEODRYS ReFlective to be very 'Enlightening'. They provide additional reflective illumination while working in the posterior region."
Howard Schulberg DDS
Bloomfield, NJ / 04-28-2014
"NeoDrys are great for the tissue, the procedure, the patient and great for me."
Stan Andrews DDS
Stanberry, MO / 04-28-2014
"NeoDrys are excellent when accessing 2nd max molars where there is very little space."
Richard Dailey DDS
Burlington, NC / 04-28-2014
"NeoDrys are the greatest asset I have found for doing restorative dentistry in posterior areas."
Otto Gonzales DDS
Bronx, NY / 04-28-2014
"I wouldn’t use any other brand. NeoDrys are the standard."
Kristal Greniuk-Wioncek DDS
Livonia, MI / 04-28-2014