"NeoBurr CrownKing Carbides. These burs are scary fast. Sixth time using them is as fast as the first!"
Bruce D. Miller DDS
Marquette, MI / 04-28-2014

"The NeoBurr CrownKing is the fastest, smoothest cutting crown and bridge bur I have ever used. A big improvement over conventional diamond burs."

Richard Zuppardi DDS
East Weymouth, MA / 04-28-2014
"These NeoBurr CrownKing carbides cut much smoother and quicker than conventional diamond burs during crown preparation."
James Galati DDS
Clifton Park, NY / 04-28-2014
"NeoBurr CrownKing carbides. Fastest,smoothest cutting bur I have ever used for a crown preparation - and no clogging!"
Robert Derice DMD
Portland, ME / 04-28-2014
"The CrownKing burs cut smoother, faster, and with less vibration than any other competitor burs I have tried."
Chad Belongea DDS
Maumee, OH / 04-28-2014

"Now that I've switched to CrownKing Burrs for my preps, I have no desire to use diamonds again!"

Hudson Family Dental
Owatonna, MN / 10-22-2015
"I use all of your products and appreciate the quality and consistent high quality especially of your NeoBurr Finishing carbides."
Bob E. Massengill DDS
Covington, TN / 04-28-2014
"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides cut rapidly, smoothly, without generating tooth pain. "
J. Galli DDS
Brooklyn, NY / 04-28-2014
"The NeoBurr Finishing Carbides cut very nicely and would recommend them with no reservations. "
A. Dampf DDS
Levitown, NY / 04-28-2014
"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides are good products, reasonable pricing, very friendly staff."
R. Drawdy DMD PC
Baxley, GA / 04-28-2014
"Glad I found your NeoBurr Trimming & Finishing burs. Much less expensive than competitor's brand and lasts as long, if not longer."
K. Wolf DDS
Nashville, TN / 04-28-2014
"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides. These burs are great. They perform every bit as well as those costing more than twice the price."
R. Moseley DDS
Paris, TX / 04-28-2014
"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides. Smooth cutting, durable (multi-use). Also no corrosion at cutting head-shank interface. A winner!"
G. Hart DDS
Portage, WI / 04-28-2014
"NeoBurr Finishing Carbides. Wonderful feel and polish - definitely compares to the excellent finishing burs I have been using!"
J. Forman DDS
Keniworth, NJ / 04-28-2014
"Convenient package of sterilized burs. Easy to use."
Wendy Lu DDS
"Very friendly and capable customer service."
John Bubert DDS
"NeoBurr is the best combination of price and quality available on the market."
David Malaret DDS
"I really like the packaging. The packets are easy to open and I know when I'm running low from the window at the end of the box."
Robert Bellohusen DMD
"Price and packaging, quality and cut, all exceeds my expectations."
Elizabeth Rothfield
"I enjoyed making the switch to NeoBurrs and saving money at the same time! "
Patrick Daley DMD
Irmo, SC / 04-28-2014
"Microcopy delivers a very reliable bur that delivers a consistent cut everytime. "
Patrick Daley DDS
Irmo, SC / 04-28-2014
"Love the easy ordering and receiving process. Creates less worries. "
Garrick Lo DDS
"NeoBurr has Excellent Quality!"
Myriam Berrahl DDS

"Best bur I've seen in a long time."

John Comisi DDS
Ithaca, NY / 5-18-2016

"The 5572 blended neck bur is on average 50% stronger than the conpetitive lines. That's reason enough to try this bur in your practice"

Marty Jablow DMD
Woodbridge, NJ / 2-1-2016
"NeoDiamond Pit & Fissure. Finally a tapered disposal diamond to treat hidden cavities in an ultra conservative fashion."
Jeffrey Schechter DDS
Calabasas, CA / 04-28-2014
"NeoDimond Pit & Fissure is safer for kids than a carbide. Provides excellent tactile feedback with no air abrasion mess."
Scott Ebner DDS
Winter Park, FL / 04-28-2014

"NeoDiamond Pit & Fissure is great for 'minimally-invasive-dentistry'. Just the right access for decay removal and delivery of composite restorative material."

Robert Finkel DDS
Duluth, GA / 04-28-2014
"I really like the sterile packaging and easy to dispense."
Maewall Dental Care
"Best diamond around for the price!"
Kevin Maloney DDS
Hamilton, OH / 04-28-2014